Alchemical Healing/Energy Medicine

Alchemical Healing a form of energy work which is beneficial for physical, emotional and spiritual issues. It can be practiced on it’s own or woven into an acupuncture session enhancing the energy.

During Alchemical Healing the energy of the 4 elements, herbal plants, totem animals or spirit guides are accessed by the client and Jeya to assist in bringing a person into internal balance. This is a style of work that is done together. The client is always part of the process, leading the journey as Jeya facilitates the energy in an alchemical, transformative, process.

In 2007 Jeya became certified by Nicki Skully, creator of Alchemical Healing, to teach classes and workshops.

In addition to Alchemical Healing, Jeya has studied healing practices with indigenous healers in Mexico. She is a Reiki Master and practices EFT (Energy Freedom Technique using tapping on acupuncture points to resolve trauma and emotional issues).